YRIHS - Vice Patrol: Cops, Courts and the Struggle over Urban Gay Life before Stonewall - Speaker view
James Perlotto
what was "the Pansy Craze" of the early 20th C?
Marie-Amelie George
In the 1930s, gay singers, dancers, and cabaret hosts became leading attractions at nightclubs and entertainment venues.
James Perlotto
Thanks, Marie-Amelie. I need to learn more about the history of Gay Life in that era ...
Marie-Amelie George
Check out George Chauncey's Gay New York and Chad Heap's Slumming
Joanne Meyerowitz
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Richard Wetzell
To Anna: did you come across instances where gay men fought back against police entrapment or the clandestine surveillance of public restrooms -- either in court or by actions outside the court proceedings? In Hamburg, Germany, in 1980 a gay activist smashed a mirror in a public restroom in order to reveal a hidden room where police was conducting surveillance & had journalists there to take a picture, causing a public scandal in the press. Such an action could probably only happen post-gay liberation -- but I still wonder whether you found anything like this either pre-Stonewall or after.
Jacob Bloomfield
Thanks very much for your answer and congratulations on the book. Sorry for stumbling over my words there. I need to go back to Henry Higgins for elocution lessons.
Christina Hanhardt
(Indulging in the Zoom chat to share that I wore a red sweater in solidarity with the lesbian that you describe in your book! No black tie though.)
Kathleen Battles
Thank you for the excellent talk!
Richard Wetzell
Thank you so much -- brilliant event!
Timothy Stewart-Winter
Thanks all!
Dan Ewert
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Christina Hanhardt
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Salonee Bhaman
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