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Yale Forest Forum: The Future of Forest Products in a Changing Climate: Bioenergy from Forests
Energy generated from the combustion of wood and wood wastes or biofuels derived from wood, which is called bioenergy from forests, has been heralded by some as a promising renewable energy source. Yet others raise concerns over negative impacts on the environment and human health and potential increases in green-house gas emissions. In the United States, the Biden Administration’s emphasis on climate change has inspired renewed conversations over a full suite of energy technology and natural climate solutions, including biomass energy produced from both hazardous fuels and managed forest systems. Some consider bioenergy from forests an important component in the transition away from fossil fuels while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, key to achieving net-zero economy-wide targets. While for others, the efforts to promote the scaling up of bioenergy from forests raises concerns about natural resource demands and larger sustainability priorities.

The webinar will bring in a wide range of experts to discuss the future role of bioenergy from forests in addressing climate, resource, societal and environmental challenges at regional and global scales. Guest speakers will represent forestry, energy, conservation, and climate science. Speakers will describe their personal and organizational experience with bioenergy from forests, and discuss the environmental, economic, and societal implications for increased use for the energy sector, forest products industry and society.

Jointly hosted by the Yale Carbon Containment Lab, Yale Center for Industrial Ecology and The Forests Dialogue.
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